restoration of the Thorens TD160 mkI

Some time ago I've bought a used Thorens TD160 mkI turntable, just to satisfy my needs for high-end audio... Unfortunately it was very dusty and some parts even rusty, it was in need of a serious restoration.
Here's the thorens just out of the box.

I think that the previous owner has never noticed this label under the turntable, since many parts of it are absolutely rusty...

A detail of the needle of the cartridge... just a bit... used?!?

A detail of the tonearm: please notice that the whole mechanism is covered with dust!

At first I've removed the rubber mat, the platter and subplatter (please be careful while removing it, to avoid damage to the bearing). Then I've unscrewed the four screws that keep the turntable in place, removed the bottom cover, and discarded the old enclosure.

Now it's time to remove the tonearm, not an easy job because you should disassamble the arm lift mechanism first! Then you can place the whole turntable upside down and go to the next step.

Here you can see a slightly rusty part of the tonearm. Luckily I've found a bottle of Ferox, useful to remove rust from metals, a very useful tool.

It's very easy to use, put some drops on the rust and let it dry. Then you can polish the surface. Here's the same cylinder seen before, just cleaned with Ferox...

One of the most diffucult things to do, was to polish the rusty springs of the sub-chassis!

And now some details about the new enclosure: I've not planned to make an exact copy of the previous one, but I tried to make a slightly different version instead, just a bit heavier (10kg).
I've used 19mm MDF boards. Here you can see the various pieces of wood glued together under a couple of heavy speakers enclosures.

Finally the glue has dried, so I can take away all the weights and proceed to the next step.

I've painted it four times with the white varnish, and then four times with the transparent one, then i've installed some connectors on the rear, as you can see they are recessed in the plinth. From left: tonearm ground, left channel, right channel, mains (with earth connected to the chassis).

Finally the turntable can be turned on and set up properly, to play some beautiful records...