speaker enclosure for the Fostex FF85K

The main goal of this project is to build a very small pair of good quality speakers, to be used with my personal computer... a sub-woofer should be used to extend the useful frequency range of the system. I've choosen the Fostex FF85K driver because its frequency response is good on the top end, up to 22kHz. As usually i've used MDF boards (14mm) because they're easy to work with.

The enclosures now are glued with Vinavil...

When the glue has dried completely (i've waited about 4-5 days, however 24h should be ok), i've painted them with a white undercoat, waited 24h and then the final coat, with ivory spray. Before each coat it's important to smooth down all imperfections with sandpaper: probably you would use the electric sander to speed up the whole process, it's one of the most useful tools for woodworking!

Usually the varnish requires about 24h to dry completely (it depends, however), after then it's time to mount the speakers and make the proper connections on the back of the enclosure. Please notice that you should fill it completely with sound absorbent foam.

The last step is the longer one: you should drive the speakers with some music for about 50h before any evaluation, as the suspension softens, the sound becomes better and better...

Now a small footnote: these speakers are designed to provide a good midrange, but please don't expect to go as low as 20Hz, there are physical limits that can't be broken, for this reason a sub-woofer is highly recommended!