fostex FE83E speaker enclosure

This should have been my first diy audio project, but unfortunately i've always delayed its completion until some weeks ago... It's quite easy to build, but you should have the wood precisely cutted to avoid bad joints. These are the wood boards just as arrived from my favourite lumber-mill!

I've proceeded with the application of glue and fastened the boards with some clamps, then i've glued together all the wooden boards with the exception of one of the sides because i had to place the sound absorbents and the reflex duct.

The only difference with the original Fostex plan is the shape of the bass reflex vent, round instead of rectangular one. I've placed the sound absorbent material as described by Fostex while the enclosure was open, however i've noticed that i could insert my hand into the speaker hole and reflex port (without the proper duct inserted), so if i ever need to add sound absorbents or something, i always can do that later.

Inside the enclosure, just before closing it definitively.

I've decided to give a darker tone to the birch plywood, i've found a can of walnut varnish that seemed good enough. Just after the first coating it looks a lot better than before!

After the second coating i've painted the whole enclosure with a transparent varnish. I've been very careful while using the brush, to avoid unwanted stripes on the wood. After about 24 hours the varnish has finally dried: i can listen to my brand new speakers!!! That's the first temporary arrangement, just to hear some sounds coming out...
[the powerbook on the right is the one used to write this website...]

The front of the speaker enclosure... nice, isn't it?

Well... i'm about to give a sound evaluation... hum... they are not designed to be the definitive speaker enclosure, but just a very simple and effective one. Some of the audio spectrum is not reproduced at all: the second reflex port is tuned at about 60hz, and the 3" driver is not that powerful, only 5w, so the lower frequences are not very loud, in some cases they can't be barely heard. However, i must recall that the purpose of this speaker is to be simple, small and cheap anough for the average student like me ;-)