farfisa reed keyboard

Here's some photo of a Farfisa vintage reed keyboard that doesn't seem to be quite common on the Net. I've only found some pics on Sandro Oliva's website:
So I've thought to take some photos of internal and external details of this instrument.

The keyboard shown without the upper cover, you can see the key's mechanism:

The Farfisa logo:

The sound is obtained by free reeds, air is sucked by the air pump assembly shown below: when you press a key a hole is freed and the air passes from the upper part to the lower chamber through the reed conduct. In this way the reed vibrates according to its physical specifications and produces a sound.
It sounds halfway between an harmonica and an accordion.

A detail of the reeds:

This is the air pump:

Some internal electric connections:

A detail of the key's mechanism:

Inside the keyboard there's a tool useful to adjust the keys.

Raw material's quality is not that high, however is quite good and all of the components are assembled with precision, at least in the one i own. Here's the foam that even after many years of life is not brittle:

There's not so much controls, just a power switch and a red lamp.

However the sound can be slightly modulated by varying the pressure on the keys, very useful to control the expressiveness. The sound pressure is quite high and can't be diminished, there's not any pedals or alike, sorry...
The air pump is quite loud too!
On the bottom there's a mains voltage selector, an attachment to fix mains cable during transportation, holes for the air pump and four screw posts for the legs (missed, in my keyboard).

Screw post for the legs that should keep the instrument at musician's height: